Your Flight Into the Cloud

Bottom Line UpFront (BLUF) Tether Gold is neither audited nor backed perfectly. Paxos Gold though audited shows some similar discrepancies to Tether such as slightly less gold than token. What is Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm since the early days of the financial crisis and Satoshi Nakamoto’s famous Bitcoin Whitepaper. […]

Decentralized Web
August 14, 2020

This takes me back to the heady days of 2017 at DEVCON3 where we are all still just Ethernauts buidling games and kitties.  I learned about the re-entrancy attack and got to game with incredible young geniuses.  I stayed at the Ritz Carlton and swam in the beautiful ocean every morning.  ETH hit $1000 that […]

Cloud to Decentralization
August 13, 2020

The time has come to restart the blog. For the past four years I have been deep in the bowels of the Internet learning cloud directly from its pioneers at Amazon Web Services (AWS). I held multiple roles migrating Financial Services (FINSERV) into the cloud. These include leading five Technical Account Managers migrating the first […]

Queue the music maestro… 2018 starts with a James Bond style explosion.  Too sidechannel attacks were published called Meltdown and Spectre resepectively.  They allow malicious actors to read memory addresses on a machine that does not belong to them.  What does this mean in simple terms?  Come and sit down on my knee young Padawan […]

Everyone has heard my stories of “Back in my day _____.”  Graybeard Karate has been teaching himself some python-fu to round out his security toolkit.  While creating brute-forcers and crackers for his red-teaming activities he thought about distributing executables to Windows like in the old days of Internet scumbaggery.  Naturally he ran into good ole py2exe, […]

A client comes to our firm to find out whether an intern took unauthorized photos of confidential talking points in order to warn the competition. Though the suspect had a private iPhone, he backed it up to a corporate system. We use the backup to correlate unauthorized activity with corporate policy. [pdf-embedder url=””] Karadi, Gouthum […]

It’s a Trap! MSFT: Embrace, Extend, Extinguish For almost twenty years I have consulted for the top firms in many industries.  These include the largest web hosting provider in the first Internet, the world’s largest software company and the world’s largest firm and retailer.  These positions include Enterprise Security, Cloud, Hosting, Configuration Management, you name […]

Microsoft Cybersecurity Summit Keynote
March 29, 2016

Nearly thirteen years ago, I worked on the largest outbreaks in corporate history.  As a third-party validator for  ExecHot, the Top 500 Microsoft customers, I traveled to client sites to mitigate the impacts of Nimda, CodeRed and SQL Slammer.  Today I attended Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Virtual Summit.  For a professional with many years of current experience, […]

When I was a youth, education at a top ten University in the United States of America (USA) cost about $25,000/yr.  At my Alma Mater, Berkeley, you also took five instead of four years for  about $125,000.00.  The first several years of my education involved accepting money from my folks which I promptly wasted along […]

Golden Age Part I – Captain of Your Fate
February 15, 2016

Everyone alive today knows only a world of growth.  Before protesting, please listen.  In all of recorded human history, fewer wars are being fought, more children survive to adulthood and those adults live longer more educated lives than ever before.  Even in the so-called developing world the children and people prosper.   One minute watching […]

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