Your Flight Into the Cloud

The Great Equalizer in the 1800’s Samuel Colt made men born unequal, equal. His Colt Peacemaker became the first easily maintainable firearm in human history. It made it possible for the unwashed masses to earn a means of defending themselves. This natural evolution to the American Experiment allowed people to augment or supplement their natural […]

Robot Car
February 20, 2013

This is how I see the world.  Comparative data, current data, and probable data.   Or for you philosophers, static, dynamic, and sustaining:  Tamasic, Rajasic, and Satvic.      

Robot Project
February 18, 2013

Virtual Nexus Arduino Servo Sweep Our first step in building an Arduino Microcontroller Robot. This is the first piece of hardware code I have ever written. It sweeps the servo through 1 degree increments until 180 degrees and then back down to zero.