Your Flight Into the Cloud

When I was a youth, education at a top ten University in the United States of America (USA) cost about $25,000/yr.  At my Alma Mater, Berkeley, you also took five instead of four years for  about $125,000.00.  The first several years of my education involved accepting money from my folks which I promptly wasted along […]

Zite – Your own personal magazine on iOS
September 26, 2013

Zite is hands down the best iOS magazine.  Why?  Because it is made from your preferences.  It takes your likes and dislikes and makes a real magazine. Uses webpages Articles Your likes and dislikes Customizable Free Watch our video walkthrough.  

Due to the awesome awesomeness of the NSA Virtual Nexus recommends that you get and use a PGP key to sign and encrypt your emails. Before you ask what PGP is, let us tell you why you care. SIGNING AND ENCRYPTING YOUR EMAILS MAKES THEM UNREADABLE TO THOSE WITHOUT THE PRIVATE KEY. Now, if you […]

Amazon AWS
April 20, 2013

Virtual Nexus is now hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  This premier cloud solution is now available to our customers as well. Choose your region, your speed, and your availability.  Or, in common English, you can now host your servers and services around the world with all the power of Amazon’s twenty years of enterprise […]

HackStore – Cydia for OSX
February 28, 2013

In the 1990’s Microsoft had many cool independent app’s for Windows.  Instead of encouraging them, the firm often would partner with the vendor while simultaneously building its own internal version only to leave the vendor out-in-the-cold later.  Read the sordid tale of Microsoft and Sybase.  These types of anti-competitive practices landed MSFT in hot water with […]

iPhone Saves Patient’s Life
February 23, 2013

iPhones saves a life in the air as Doctor uses his device to read a patient’s ECG and recommend an emergency landing and mitigate a heart attack! Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Google Glass
February 20, 2013

Thirty years ago my father, brother, and I dreamed of a world connected; where sight sound and information became one.  We are there.