Decentralized Web
August 14, 2020


This takes me back to the heady days of 2017 at DEVCON3 where we are all still just Ethernauts buidling games and kitties.  I learned about the re-entrancy attack and got to game with incredible young geniuses.  I stayed at the Ritz Carlton and swam in the beautiful ocean every morning.  ETH hit $1000 that year.

In 2020 we have multiple times the projects and factors of tech to support them including decentralized website hosting from the likes of Fleek or Piñata.  And IPFS has grown to include a soon to be released FileCoin offering.  We are getting ready for D-Web, the Decentralized-Web:

The Internet as God intended, free, with no global censorship, managed rather than controlled.

Many people believe there will be no censorship, but there will always be local censorship.  Are you going to let your child watch rape porn?  I think not.  Community interest, in this case, that of the family outweighs the global interest of freedom.

Please check back here regularly as I begin to delineate the concepts that underly the new infrastructure.  What make me uniquely qualified is that I was born in an analog age, yet had digital before any of my peers.  At six years old I had a digital watch and my fathers TRS-80.

Later I got the Tandy Color Computer 16K which I wrote cassette tape programs in Q-Basic.  From there I grew to the US Army, Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon and more to help build the infrastructure that runs the current Internet.  Now I left the world’s largest cloud to enter the Distributed web.

See you in the Nexus.