Golden Age Part I – Captain of Your Fate
February 15, 2016

Everyone alive today knows only a world of growth.  Before protesting, please listen.  In all of recorded human history, fewer wars are being fought, more children survive to adulthood and those adults live longer more educated lives than ever before.  Even in the so-called developing world the children and people prosper.   One minute watching twenty-four hour news and you would hardly notice this statistically and scientific verifiable fact.  Yet one google search for the phrase:  “The world is better off than ever before statistics” of the Economist shows only negativity?  See the graphic below and click the link to Hans Roslin’s presentations through Gizmodo to see some numbers which support this literally incontrovertible fact.


Why humans experience such fear and seem to even thrive under its pressure I leave to another posting.  Please remember when the world gets you down, that you are the Captain of your  fate.  Whether we are masters of this fate our not matters little.  For this belief serves to buoy our own spirits in times of despair and lift those of others when they are in theirs.