My name is Gouthum Karadi, and I have owned a computer in one form or another since 1978. In fact, my father talked the guy at the store out of one of his display model Macintosh 128K computers in 1984. Although I my life has taken me through UC Berkeley, the US Army, Collegiate Rowing and a fair amount of trials and tribulations, my greatest love is the way technology can bring people closer together by eliminating communications gaps, automating menial administrative tasks, and just making things more fun.

As one who remembers a world without fast easy to use computing, I can deftly help your firm to integrate into this new world. Not only have I been recognized by Bill Gates and the Secretary of Defense when I left the Army, but me and Al Gore built the Internet in the 1990’s. Well okay, Al was too busy being VP then, but you get the idea! Come by and see what we can do for you. I promise personal hands-on attention by our team.