Your Flight Into the Cloud

A client comes to our firm to find out whether an intern took unauthorized photos of confidential talking points in order to warn the competition. Though the suspect had a private iPhone, he backed it up to a corporate system. We use the backup to correlate unauthorized activity with corporate policy. [pdf-embedder url=””] Karadi, Gouthum […]

The Great Equalizer in the 1800’s Samuel Colt made men born unequal, equal. His Colt Peacemaker became the first easily maintainable firearm in human history. It made it possible for the unwashed masses to earn a means of defending themselves. This natural evolution to the American Experiment allowed people to augment or supplement their natural […]

Chances are that whomever is reading this is in some way benefitting from Aaron Swartz, the technology Whiz Kid that helped invent RSS, the feed service that powers my Blog connection to Facebook and millions of other Internet news readers everyday.  This young genius killed himself earlier this year when pushed over the edge by […]